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Review of the highlights of the 28th pute south china international dental exhibition

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Spring is early in Lingnan, and the tide flows into the Pearl River. On February 26th, the 28th South China International Dental Exhibition, a leading exhibition in the dental industry, successfully concluded.

The South China International Dental Exhibition is not only a vane of the dental industry, but also a platform for product display and academic exchange. As a grand opening ceremony, this exhibition has brought a new atmosphere to the dental industry in 2023!


Let's follow PROTECT and walk into the PROTECT booth of South China Exhibition to review the excellent performance of PROTECT at this exhibition!

As a leading orthodontic equipment research and development manufacturer and digital solution service provider in China, PROTECT showcased the demeanor of industry leaders at the exhibition. New anchor nails and digital products have received much attention.



A number of star products such as PT Zero self-ligating brackets, PT 5 Plus self-ligating brackets, and PT Ⅵ Plus series anchor screws have always been favored.


Focus on orthodontics and assist the development of the global dental industry. With its continuous technological innovation capabilities, advanced instruments, equipment, and production processes, Pute has continuously enriched its product line. At this exhibition,  PT Victory series anchor nails, the first new product in 2023, were exhibited, demonstrating the strength of a research and development manufacturer and becoming a highlight of the PROTECT booth.


Orthodontics colleagues gather in Lingnan to discuss the inheritance and innovation of orthodontics. On the morning of February 24th, from 9:30 to 12:30, Pute Youth Innovation and Research Society successfully held a special seminar at the conference hall 2A, No. 2, Westin Hotel.


This seminar was delivered by Professor Cao Yang, and three teachers, Chen Yijia, Ai Tingting, and Feng Zhicai, delivered keynote speeches to present a brilliant academic exchange meeting!





Constantly moving and innovating. The end of the South China Exhibition is also the beginning of the next stop.