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“Brighten the teeth as shells”—— The Collection of 2020 PROTECT global orthodontic cases!

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PROTECT Youth College was established on 2016. For 4 years,we have been adhering to the development concept of "stay with excellent people to grow better". PROTECT Youth College attracted amount of outstanding orthodontists, formed a superior team of instructors, absorb comprehensive knowledge of the dental industry, and shared new orthodontic technologies.

We have made PROTECT Youth College an ideal platform to promote the development of dental industry and a new stage for young doctors to realize their dreams.

In the past 4 years, the great efforts of instructor team and joy of students from achieving new skills and knowledge has become the driving force for PROTECT Youth College to open a new chapter.

Thanks for your support and companionship over the years, because of you, PROTETCT Youth College are growing better!

To give back your support and companionship, to convey the concept of standardized orthodontic diagnosis, and to improve the level of orthodontic treatment in medical institutions, we carry out the Project of “Brighten the teeth as shells”——POTECT global orthodontic cases collection, the cases will be used to promote, study, communicate and share in the PROTECT Youth College.

Project overview

This project aims to respond to the call of Chinese Health Commission, to convey the concept of standardized orthodontic diagnosis and treatment, to strengthen the awareness and attention of primary dentists and other departments in the understanding and attention to the concept of orthodontics standardized management, and to promote the development of standardized orthodontic diagnosis and treatment by building a platform for young dentists to study and communicate.

Brief Introduction


Global orthodontists.


All the case involved with PROTECT metal self-ligating brackets, ceramic self-ligating brackets, ceramic brackets, conventional metal brackets,  mini screws etc.


Dec.31st, 2020

4.Method of evaluation

Selected by expert judges from PROTECT Youth College for representative cases.

Submit by mail

1.Mail address



Please submit by 16 : 9 PPT or Keynote format.

3.Title of mail

PROTECT Youth College “Brighten the teeth as shells” Case collection+ your name.

Reminder: If there is any question, please freely contact us by mail:market@protectmec.com.