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With efficient and accurate digital orthodontics, you can live up to this digital age!

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Digital, intelligent, patient-centric:
As the world's top event in the dental industry, the 38th International Dental Exhibition (IDS) was grandly opened in Cologne on March 12th!

IDS is known worldwide for its depth and breadth in the dental exhibition industry: whether it is in the clinical or technical field, whether it is care or infection control, whether it is the dental service or the consulting industry, whether it is an individual or an organization, you will find it on IDS. The answer you need. With a wide range of multidisciplinary coverage and outstanding innovations, IDS is the leader in the scale and standards of dental fairs.

2019IDS亮点众多,不得不提的还有展会的“数字化”的升级。IDS APP通过图像的演绎和直观的菜单导航为大家提供更便捷的服务。观众可以通过手机和平板电脑使用IDS APP,在参展前轻松了解参展商和产品信息以及相关的活动计划。“展厅地图”板块的导航系统还可以帮助观众快速找到目标展台。参展商目录及相关项目和现场服务的信息也可以在软件中即时查询。


Who is Alpha? 

I am a super assistant who helps doctors match data to patients.



What can you do for your doctor?

Computer-aided detection and diagnosis are used to make a personalized design according to the degree of deformity of the patient; three-dimensional stereoscopically controls the movement of the dentition, and finely adjusts the occlusion and aesthetic requirements of the teeth.

The orthodontic process is more controllable and the orthodontic effect is more guaranteed.

What can you do for the patient?

I can let the patient know exactly what his teeth are at the chair and what state it will be after the correction.

Faster results, shorter orthopedic time, and simpler operation make the operator more comfortable.


Doctors who are constantly learning and growing up, after you become an orthodontist who knows how to digitize and use digital, digital is not only a package, but the most efficient tool in your hands!