The Core Advantages of PT Zero Self-ligating Brackets

news | 2023-01-12

Some say that 10,000 hours of refinement is a necessary condition for transitioning from ordinary to extraordinary. With over 130,000 hours of dedication, PROTECT has been committed to assisting doctors in achieving orthodontic goals using cutting-edge orthodontic materials. Recently, the PT series self-ligating brackets took another step forward, unveiling the eagerly anticipated PT Zero self-ligating brackets with seven distinctive features.

Advantage 1: Round and smooth appearance, improving comfort

The rounded appearance design reduces the shear force of the PT Zero Self-ligating Brackets when bitten to 1/5 of that of traditional brackets, thereby reducing the detachment rate.

Advantage 2: More delicate raw materials, lower friction force

The raw materials of PT Zero Self-ligating Brackets are newly upgraded, with finer particle size, making the bracket more delicate and smooth. High precision mirror mold with enhanced torque notch design provides stronger control and lower friction.

Advantage 3: Original positioning rod design for more convenient operation

The positioning rod design makes positioning more convenient and accurate, making it easy for doctors to operate.

Advantage 4: Considering the direction of opening and locking, providing a more comfortable orthodontic experience

The sliding cover passive unlocking technology makes it more convenient for doctors to insert and remove the arch wire. Combined with a simple rotating opening method, it avoids the force exerted by traditional traction opening on teeth, providing patients with a more comfortable treatment experience.

Advantage 5: Flexible hook and torque selection to meet patient needs

Except for the lower 1.2 tooth positions, all other tooth positions can be equipped with optional hooks, with three hook types: no hook, 3 hook, and 345 hook to meet the needs of different patients.

5 specifications of torque are available for selection to meet the needs of different cases.

Advantage 6: 80 mesh base design for stronger bonding strength The 80 mesh base design makes the bracket bond more firmly, and the laser mark on the base is convenient for doctors to identify.

Advantage 7: supports digital positioning applications, making operation more convenient

The PT Zero Self-ligating Brackets supports the PROTECT Alpha digital precision correction system, combined with the new physician software, to display a 5-minute simulation comparison before and after correction, helping to improve the efficiency of doctor-patient communication.
More product features of PT Zero Self-ligating Brackets are about to be unveiled, stay tuned!