DenTech China 2023 Highlights: Innovative Products and Professional Exchange

event | 2023-10-24
On October 17,2023, the 26th DenTech China, China's International Exhibition and Academic Conference for Dental Equipment, came to a successful conclusion. This event brought together the latest technologies and products in the field of dental medicine, as well as dental professionals from around the world.

A Vibrant Showcase
At this exhibition, PROTECT unveiled a range of orthodontic and digital products. These products not only demonstrated innovative concepts but also showcased their digital intelligence, attracting numerous attendees from across the globe.

We explained the innovative designs of these products and shared our vision of digital treatment, which is one of the major trends in the future development of the dental medical field.

Innovation, quality, and exploration are the keywords for PROTECT. With innovation at the core, product quality as our ally, and mutual exploration as the space for progress, we engaged in discussions with many dental professionals about insights into the orthodontic field.

As the saying goes, ''Three heads are better than one.'' These valuable insights help us better understand patient needs and industry trends.

We express our gratitude to every professional who visited the PROTECT booth. It is your attention and support that allows us to fully embody the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and exploration.

Where Technology Meets Fun

Beyond the exhibition, there was also fun to be had. Scratch cards and claw machines added to the excitement, making the atmosphere even more joyful. The surprises from the scratch cards and the fun of winning prizes from the claw machines were endless.

The end of an event is not the end but a new beginning. Once again, we thank the attendees for their support, and we look forward to our next encounter.