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Double A Action - PROTECT will show You the Academic Event of Dental in May

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2 months ago 

Chinese oral man in Boracay, Philippines APOC (Asia Pacific Orthodontics Conference) shines 



Now we have two new conventions in May 




Always remember, there will be reverberations 

This May, we have one 

Double A Action 





May 5-8 

American Orthodontics Association Annual Meeting (AAO) 


 Following the launch of the Native American brand Natural last year,

This time, what kind of new experience will we bring to everyone? 

The AAO team in front of us is already in action!




Walter E. Washington Convention Center,

The 2018AAO theme flag has been suspended on street lights outside the street. 



In the simple and refreshing hall, people from different countries around the world early to register and prepare for the official opening of the conference tomorrow. 




This year, our AAO squad will bring you first-hand reports in the next few days! stay tuned!





May 7-11 

APDC Asia Pacific Dental Conference 


On May 7-11, the 40th Asia-Pacific Dental Congress (APDC) and the 109th Philippines Dental Expo PDA will be held at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, the Philippines. The conference prepared academic activities including all major topics of dentistry, and invited speakers from the industry to share, discuss, debate and analyze the new developments and scientific advancements of the modern dentistry discipline.



The 2018 Asian Pacific Dental Congress (APDC) Hosts Cities

Manila, Philippines



Double A Action of Oral Human

Wait for you to witness!