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This is a SMART gathering

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March 14, destined to be an ordinary but great day

On this day, the brightest star rises in the night sky 

Continuing to guide we toward to the infinite distance


Every day, the legend continues

Every day, in various subject areas

There are countless people on the road to seek true knowledge

The interesting souls are always together



On March 13-14, an interesting gathering took place in Beijing. The Chinese SMART biomechanics tour hosted by the teaching team of Beijing Stomatological Hospital and Lin Xinping from Capital Medical University and PROTECT Youth College came on schedule.

"China SMART Biomechanics Tour" promotes the basic knowledge of orthodontic biomechanical mechanisms, deepens the understanding of biomechanical mechanisms of orthodontists and the importance of biomechanical mechanisms, improves the clinical analysis of biomechanical mechanisms, and learns to use biometrics in the view of the mechanics mechanism, it analyzes the various imagines in orthodontic treatment and the causes of success and failure.



In the multi-functional hall of the Beijing Stomatological Hospital of the Capital Medical University, which can accommodate more than 150 people, suddenly became crowded. The students who come late have to share the seat or stand, in front of knowledge. Everyone's eyes are so longing and sincere.


Professor Lin Xinping shared with students present at the meeting the points of biomechanics

Each tour will focus on the basic concepts of an orthodontic biomechanical mechanism, 2 combination of cases to analyze the basic theories of biomechanics and the various biomechanical phenomena during the course of treatment and analysis and discussion at the same time, so that doctors can understand. 3 Biomechanical issues in the clinic, such as friction, implant anchorage, vertical control, and torque control.


Prof. Li Song talks about the biomechanical mechanism and clinical application of vertical control in two hours


The teacher Yabo opened a class of "biomechanical analysis of anterior tooth root control"


Professor Gong Guoliang focused on two topics: "The role of external forces and analysis of biomechanics " and "The biomechanical mechanism of non transverse width adjustment treatment"


Li Boxiu teacher brings a class of "Sliding method and closing method to close the gap"


Wang Pengyue teacher talked about thebiomechanical mechanism of single couple and double couple system


Orthodontic "medicine" is "force", and it is self-evident that the importance of how doctors master and understand the orthodontic biomechanics.


It is said that beauty is in the bones, SMART spent two days, from the perspective of biomechanics, orthodontic "strength." Many questions were asked to interact in the classroom. Everyone gains a lot in comparison with biomechanics.


Because of our learning, biomechanics has become easy to understand from brain burning.

Then apply these knowledge clinically to the patient's teeth, so that each patient has their own "bone-phase beauty"



Although our goal is not the sea and stars, please scream for our interesting gathering! SMARRRRT!




Course preview



Recruiting outstanding young lecturers


Lecturer recruitment requirements

✨A systematic study and understanding of orthodontic biomechanics

✨ has excellent speech and teaching ability

✨Interested in the promotion and clinical application of orthodontic biomechanics

✨We sincerely invite you to join our team of lecturers. Who are Interested please send your resume and contact information to xplinzju@163.com. We will contact you as soon as possible. After passing the examination, we will issue a lecturer certificate at a certain site.


The requirements and treatment for instructor

The content of the lectures must be in accordance with the curriculum requirements. The exchange center invites you to give lectures according to the requirements of instructors for each station. Each lecture must also be evaluated by the trainees.


The center will be responsible for your transportation expenses and food and accommodation charges (the project has a certain concept of public welfare, and the lecturer professor and teacher wont be paid for tuition fees).




More course schedule



May · Xi'an Station

June · Baotou Station

September · Shanghai Station

November · Kunming Station

December · Dongbei Station