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Metal brackets

l  Manufactured  by 17-4 Stainless Steel MIM (Metal Injection Molding)

l  Vertical marked for easy positioning of the brackets

l  80 mesh base to make smooth finishing of the bracket and excellent adhesion stress on base

l  Ultra-thin body to make patients more comfortable

l  Rounded Edges


l  Gingival offset is available


Aesthetic Brackets

l  All edges and tie wings are designed with comfortable arc-shape and smooth structure, which make high comfort for patients

l  Vertical slot offers multi-optional ligature methods in treatment

l  Small and exquisite bracket with low profile is largely minimized and avoids early contact of occlusion

l  Using the newest design of network to achieve the best adhesive strength of  brackets

Buccal tube

l  Color coded indents on the facial surface assist bonding and Positioning

l  A unique notch on the occlusal side makes holding the buccal tube a cinch and helps with initial placement

l  Pronounced groove increases bonding accuracy and offers a precise fit with the tooth

l  Generous rounded pad and low profile design to reduce unwanted debonds

l  Smooth and rounded hooks for maximum patient comfort


l  Funneled entrance helps guide wire into the buccal tube

Orthodontic micro screws

l  Small and smoothed hexagon mini screw head

l  Widened neck area

l  Small hole for ligature wire

l  Smoothed neck

l  Cylinder screw thread design

l  Reinforced mini screw body


l  Tapered mini screw design


l  Excellent finish.

l  Excellent elasticity.

l  Light and continuous forces.

l  More comfort for the patient.

l  Packaged in surgical grade paper, suitable for sterilization.

l  Suitable for upper and lower arch.

Elastomeric products

l  Excellent Memory Not pigmented


l  Strong and vibrant Colors


l  Popular size available in 30#-44#+

l  Excellent retention and quick adaptation

l  Smooth contours


l  Bands for 1st molars and 2nd molars